just_trash (just_trash) wrote in ode_to_birds,

name: valerie
age: sixteen and one half
location: boca raton, florida.

literature list:

1) Colors Insulting to Nature
2) Seven Types of Ambiguity
3) Wicked
5) Stranger in a Strange Land
6) Never Mind the Pollacks
7) Ordinary People
8) Hairstyles of the Damned
9) The Bell Jar
10) This Lullaby
11) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
12) To Your Scattered Bodies Go
13) The Perks of Being a Wallflower
14) Steal This Book
15) Harry Potter

a to-do list:

1) start research paper
2) win the heart of beautiful british boy, stephen.
3) buy record player.. and records.
4) learn how to make better wraps at new job.
5) empty garbage can and throw out yogurt that's been on my desk since... I don't even remember.
6) find hairbrush
7) buy more polaroid film
8) work on watercolor painting for art class and make it not suck
9) give myself a facial mask
10) get more purell hand sanitizer
11) buy beta fish
12) expand wardrobe to include more than jeans, tank tops, and hoodies.
13) become an overachiever
14) locate remote control
15) make more lists

smells that drive me crazy:

1) shaving cream, the original kind.
2) pine
3) stephen
4) j'adore perfume
5) boys in general
6) new shoes
7) bounce dryer sheets
8) burt's bees milk and honey body lotion
9) tomatoes
10) sharpies
11) gasoline
12) cinnamon apple cake
13) granny smith apples
14) clean sheets
15) sawdust

some things that annoy me, in no particular order:

1) faux-artsy kids
2) when people tell you to call them back then don't pick up the phone when you do so
3) abbreviating words that don't need abbreviating
4) spelling definitely wrong
5) jewish people who are obsessed with being jewish
6) when photographs don't turn out quite right
7) dirt underneath your fingernails
8) when people I hate listen to good music
9) backne
10) old people who come into my work and complain about the way I make their salads
11) losing your place in the book you're reading
12) overflowing garbage cans
13) when people point flashlights in your eyes
14) markers that are just about to run out of ink
15) morning breath




^my cat

^MC Escher. order and chaos.

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